Primary School Library Training

We provide training to teachers and schools to give disadvantaged primary school children the literacy skills they need to succeed in life.

Our fully funded library programmes aim to transform whole school reading provision through providing primary schools in target communities with the skills, knowledge, and resources to successfully develop their school library and reading spaces.

Through this site, participants are able to access and complete the Elearning for their programme.

Our aims

Three primary school libraries in Dundee have become the latest to benefit from the Chase Rewarding Futures School Libraries transformation programme. A further 24 schools have enhanced their libraries, as part of the initiative. Underused areas in St Fergus Primary School, SS Peter and Paulís Primary School, and Clepington Primary School have been transformed into a space that puts reading and access to books at the heart of each school. The initiative will transform 150 primary school libraries, 24 of which are in Dundee, and improve access to books and reading materials for children in underserved communities across the UK. The commitment from the digital bank Chase, is in partnership with the National Literacy Trust (NLT) and supported by PUFFINô Penguin Books Limited


Provide primary school children in a number of key underserved areas across the UK with an enhanced library space, including at least 400 new and engaging books from a range of publishers.



Our team of National Literacy Trust Project Managers support schools on our programmes to develop their reading for pleasure culture across the school year.



Schools on PSLA library programmes receive a range of resources to boost their reading provision, including books and audiobooks from a range of publishers.

“Millions of children, particularly those from the poorest communities worst hit by the pandemic, are missing out on opportunities to discover the life-changing magic of reading - one that OECD research suggests is a key indicator in a child's future success. How can a child become a reader for pleasure if their parents or carers cannot afford books, and their primary school has no library, or that library is woefully insufficient?”

Cressida Cowell, author and former children’s laureate

Our Library Programmes

School libraries face a chronic lack of investment, 1 in 7 state primary schools in the UK do not have a dedicated library space which impacts the educational outcomes and the greater wellbeing of over 750,000 children in the UK.

We want to bring partners together to help solve this urgent issue. Through our Primary School Library Alliance we want to help transform 1,000 primary school libraries by 2025, giving them the books, training and support they need.


World of Stories offers free books and resources together with bespoke teacher training to hundreds of schools across the UK.

This award winning programme is pioneered by Puffin, part of Penguin Random House, and the National Literacy Trust, with additional funding from Arts Council England.

Participants on World of Stories can complete their Elearning here.

Chase Rewarding Futures School Libraries Programme is a partnership between retail bank Chase and the National Literacy Trust, supported by Puffin.

Each year, it aims to transform 150 primary school libraries, and improve access to books and reading materials in underserved communities across the UK.


Raise a Reader Oxfordshire is a new partnership between Oxford University Press and the National Literacy Trust.

This programme will inject thousands of new books into Oxfordshire primary schools to help reinvigorate their school library and reading spaces, together with a range of audiobooks.

Participating primary schools will also receive specialist teacher training, inspiring author events and community based literacy events to support families with reading for pleasure.

The Portal Libraries for Primaries Programme will transform levels of reading engagement in targeted schools in the London Borough of Lambeth.

The programme will provide schools with the books, training, and support they need to deliver an inclusive whole school strategy that puts reading for enjoyment at the heart of children’s educational, cultural, and emotional development.


The Bloomberg Coronation Libraries Programme is a new partnership between the National Literacy Trust and programme funder Bloomberg.

The Bloomberg Coronation Libraries programme will support 25 primary schools across Islington and Croydon during the 2023/24 academic year to develop their school book corners and library spaces in honour of the 2023 Coronation. By participating the school will receive the training, resources and books needed to develop your reading for pleasure culture and inspire pupils to become life-long readers.